Sep 20, 2009

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Each example with complete solution for addition and subtraction word problems is given. Practice with example questions and try unsolved word problems.
Addition Word Problems:
1.   There are twelve red marbles, twenty-four yellow marbles and seventeen green marbles in a box. Find the total number of marbles.
Number of red marbles       =    12
Number of yellow marbles =    24
Number of green marbles   =  +17
Total number of marbles     =  53
2.   Andrew counted the number of visitors in his shop. There are 134 males 123 females. Find the total number of visitors in the shop.
3.   In a garden, there are twenty-two guavas, eleven pine apples and fourteen bananas. Find the total number of fruits in the garden.
4.   Morgan bought crayons for $12.50, painting brush for $3.25 and drawing books for $ 18. Find the total of the bill.
5.   Watson collected 12 Canadian stamps, 13 American stamps and 11 Indian stamps. Find the total stamps collected by Watson.
6.   Edward Schools arranges for a camp. There are 39 girls and 43 boys in the camp. Find the total number of students in the camp.
7.   Adam bought lollipops for $ 5.75, brownies for $ 6.75 and cakes for $ 23. Find the money Adam spent in total.
8.   The test scores of Shady are given below:
English =78, Math = 89 and Science = 71.
Find the total score of Shady.
Subtraction Word Problems:
9.   Laura, teacher of grade 3 students has 84 gifts for her students. There are 67 students and each received one gift from the teacher. Find the number of gifts remaining with Laura.
Total number of gifts with Laura            =   84
Number of gifts distributed to students= - 67
Number of gifts left with Laura                = 14
10.   Emily bought 42 tomatoes and out of them 27 was rotten. Find the number of good ones.
11.   Cooper had $ 126 in his savings. He has $78 after spending for a video game. Find the amount left in his savings.
12.   Sara had 34 stickers and she gave 16 of it to her friend. Find the number stickers left with Sara.
13.   Santa brought 89 gifts and distributed 65 gifts for the Christmas Eve. Find the number of gifts left with Santa.
14.   Hudson needs seven hundred seventy dollars to buy a digital camera. But he has seven hundred and eleven dollars with him. How much money did he need to buy the camera?
15.   There are 679 books in Martin’s library. If there are 389 books are biographies, find the other number of books in the library.
16.   Josephina received 235 dollars from her mother. She spent 126.75 dollars for stationary items. Find the amount left with Josephina.
After trying above questions, take this mixed quiz which contains word problems involving both addition and subtraction.
Mixed Problems:
17.   Bailey has to solve 125 Math problems. She solved 46 problems yesterday and 53 problems today. How many problems yet to solve?
18.   Rose arranges a small party for her eleventh birth day with an amount of $150. She spends. She bought cola for $12.50, cake for $80, cookies for $ 24 and French fries for $14. Find the balance amount of Rose.
19.   Jefferson purchased pens for $ 56 and pencils for $34. He gave $ 100 for the bill. How much will he get back as change?
20.   Jenny earned $ 2500 in April from her company project. She spent $ 345 for entertainment and $ 600 on rent and the remaining she maintained for savings. Find the amount she saved for the month of April.
21.   Kevin received 150 dollars from his mother and 200 dollars from his father and he spent 195 on entertainment. Find the amount left with Kevin.
22.   Britney earned a profit of $300 from sales company and $ 400 from small business. If she spends $90 on theatre $ 350 on cosmetics, find the amount left with Britney.
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